Carrying on what Covid-19 started

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we found ourselves with a warehouse full of healthy snacks, drinks and treats that were going to go to waste.  Meanwhile, levels of food poverty in the UK were rocketing. The problem was especially acute for thousands of homeless people. So, over the course of 9 months we have donated in the region of £250,000 worth of stock to food banks and homeless charities.

But we don’t want to stop there. The introduction of our new Snack Box website is an ideal opportunity to carry on helping to feed those in need.

Snacks To Go have therefore partnered with Providence Chapel, Reading. As a registered charity (charity number: 285550), the Providence Chapel carries out a host of good work for homeless people, including distributing food. We’ve been really pleased to learn from the chapel just how much these contributions are appreciated by the people they’re helping.

How your purchase helps

Whenever you use our snack services, you’ll be making a difference to someone’s life. For every box that’s purchased from us, we donate a drink and snack to our charity. The snacks and drinks are made up into pack lunches to be distributed to homeless people.

We’re under no illusions that we’re solving food poverty, but to quote Ronald Reagan:

“We can’t help everyone but…everyone can help someone”

Food poverty and homelessness in the UK

“People at the upper end of the income scale have no idea of what’s going on down at the bottom of the scale. They don’t realise how much people are really hurting.”

Sir Michael Marmot, health inequality expert

The UK is the world’s sixth largest economy, and yet food poverty remains a very real problem for a proportion of its citizens. According to the Food Foundation, around 14% of families with children have experienced food insecurity in the last six months, with 4% reporting having gone for a day without eating.

Food poverty is often even more acute among the UK’s homeless — and in England alone, Shelter estimates there are around 280,000 homeless people.

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