Acti-Snack: Engineered to Take Active People Further and Faster.

We all know that great nutrition supports an active lifestyle. Now a new range of snacks promises to help us go further and faster β€” with nutritionally tailored real foods.

buffalo mixWhether we're hiking a long-distance trail, out on a road bike, or pushing ourselves in the gym, we all need the right nutritional support. But finding snacks that fit the bill isn't so easy β€”at least, if you want to eat real, natural foods.

That's why sports nutrition brand Acti-Snack has created a range of performance-supporting snacks which precisely balance combinations of natural foods. Their products are nutritionally tailored to specific needs, from high-energy trail mixes for endurance athletes to Keto mixes for those embracing low-carb diets. Their range is plant-based, gluten free and categorically avoids anything artificial. To optimise the nutritional profile, ingredients are baked rather than fried.

To create the snacks, Acti-Snack consulted with performance nutritionists and a range of different athletes. Their philosophy was to rule out bogus pseudo-scientific ingredients, focusing instead on providing nutrients proven to help active people reach their goals. For example, a healthy hit of protein was a must for supporting lean body mass. Magnesium and potassium are included too, helping to reduce muscle fatigue.

For many sports snacks, 'flavour fatigue' is a real problem. After all, none of the nutritional goodness matters if you can't face eating the product. So the Acti-Snack team worked hard to craft snacks that are first and foremost a great-tasting food. The positive feedback they're getting tells us they have succeeded!

We think Acti-Snack's products are a fantastic choice for anyone looking to push themselves further and faster β€” so we're currently including them in our popular gym box.

Try them out and let us know what you think!